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Data Science

Data science is the study of data to extract meaningful insights for business. It is a multidisciplinary approach that combines principles and practices from the fields of mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, and computer engineering to analyze large amounts of data.

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Topics to be covered


Introduction to Data Science


Data Collection and Cleaning


Data Exploration and Visualization


Data Manipulation and Analysis


Machine Learning Basics


Supervised Learning Algorithms


Unsupervised Learning Algorithms


Model Selection and Evaluation


Natural Language Processing (NLP)


Time Series Analysis

Data Analytics Courses in Mumbai

Are you looking to kick-start your career without coding? Your search ends right here. DeveLearn's Data Analyst Course in Mumbai equips you with essential skills in Excel, Tableau, MySQL, Power BI, and more relevant tools. This comprehensive course not only sets you on the right career trajectory but also includes intensive interview preparation starting from Day 1. Join one of the best data analytics classes in Mumbai today and supercharge your career in the field of data analyst.

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Why Data Analytics?

What is Data Analytics

Data analytics is the methodical process of dissecting, purging, manipulating, and analyzing unstructured data in order to identify important trends and insights. Organizations rely on data analytics in today's data-driven world to make wise decisions, streamline processes, and gain a competitive edge.

It entails utilizing a variety of tools, methodologies, and statistical methods to extract pertinent data from huge databases, allowing organizations to make data-supported decisions that can promote growth, efficiency, and innovation.

What Does a Data Analyst Do?

When it comes to bridging the gap between unprocessed data and useful insights, data analysts are crucial. To find patterns, correlations, and trends in the data, they gather and organize the data, do data cleaning and preprocessing, and use statistical and machine learning techniques.

Data analysts also produce reports and data visualizations to better convey their results to stakeholders. Their work assists organizations in making strategic decisions, resolving challenging issues, and seeing areas for development. If you're looking to become a data analyst, a comprehensive data analyst course in Mumbai can provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this critical role.

At a leading data analyst institute in Mumbai, professionals are trained to perform a range of responsibilities. In summary, such responsibilities include: Data Collection and Organization, Data Cleaning and Preprocessing, Statistical and Machine Learning Analysis, Data Visualization, Reporting and Communication, Supporting Decision-Making, Problem Solving, Continuous Improvement, Opportunity Identification

Why should you take up the Data Analytics training in Mumbai?

Unlock a world of opportunities by enrolling in our Data Analytics classes in Mumbai, where we offer top-notch data analytics courses for beginners with placement opportunities. With the demand for data analytics professionals soaring in sectors like banking, healthcare, marketing, and e-commerce, Mumbai's thriving business landscape offers a multitude of career prospects. Our flexible online courses cater to both beginners and working professionals, accommodating your schedule seamlessly.

In our classrooms, industry-experienced professors provide hands-on learning, equipping you with the skills to tackle real-world data challenges. We keep our curriculum up-to-date to align with evolving market trends, ensuring you stay at the forefront of the data analytics field. Upon completion, you'll be well-prepared to excel in the dynamic world of data analytics and secure your dream job in this exciting field.

Upon completing our course, you can explore a wide range of exciting career opportunities, including Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Scientist, Marketing Analyst, Financial Analyst, Healthcare Data Analyst, E-commerce Analyst, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Research Analyst. Our data analytics courses in Mumbai with placement assistance will empower you to take the next step in your career journey, making your transition into the data analytics field seamless and rewarding.

Data Analytics Course in Mumbai - Key Highlights

Data Analysis Fundamentals

Data Analysis Fundamentals

Programming Skills

Programming Skills

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Data Base Management

Data Base Management

Skills Covered

Data Analysis
Data Visualisation
Advanced Excel

Tools Covered

Advanced Excel

Why Choose DeveLearn for Data Analyst Course in Mumbai

🌟 Industry-Expert Instructors: Learn from seasoned professionals with hands-on experience in the field, giving you real-world insights

📊 Cutting-Edge Curriculum: Stay ahead with the latest tools and techniques in data analytics, ensuring you're ready for the evolving industry.

💼 Practical Projects: Apply your knowledge through hands-on projects that mirror real industry scenarios, building your confidence.

🌐 Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse group of fellow learners, alumni, and industry leaders, expanding your professional network.

🔒 Job Placement Assistance: Experience the difference with our industry-leading connections and personalized support. When you enroll in our data analyst course in Mumbai, you're not just acquiring essential skills – you're opening doors to a world of opportunities in the analytics field. We are committed to your success and will guide you towards your dream career with our tailored placement assistance.

📈 Proven Success: Join the ranks of our successful graduates who have secured roles at top companies, leveraging their data analytics skills.

Data Analytics Course in Mumbai - Curriculum

Discover the Best Data Analyst Course in Mumbai. Learn online or in-class at DeveLearn, the leading Data Analysis Training Institute in Mumbai. Get certified with quality training at reasonable fees with placement support.

Advanced Excel

The Advanced Excel for Data Analytics course is designed to provide data analysts with an in-depth understanding of Excel's advanced features and capabilities for data analysis and visualization. Through this course, students will learn how to leverage Excel's powerful functionalities to clean, manipulate, analyze, and visualize data effectively. The focus will be on practical applications of Excel for data analytics, equipping learners with the skills required to perform complex data tasks and make data-driven decisions.

  • Data Cleaning and Preparation
  • Formulas and Functions
  • Pivot tables and Pivot charts
  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Power Query
  • Data Analysis and Power Pivot
  • Advanced Charting and Visualization
  • Macros and VBA
  • Data Annalysis with What If Analysis
  • Reporting and Dashboards


This specialized Python course is designed for data analysts who want to harness the power of Python for data manipulation, exploration, visualization, and analysis. Python has become a popular programming language in the data science and analytics community due to its versatility and rich ecosystem of libraries. This course aims to equip data analysts with the essential Python skills and libraries needed to extract valuable insights from data and make data-driven decisions

  • Python Programming Language
  • Data Manipulation Libraries
  • Data Visualization Libraries
  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • Data Cleaning and Preprocessing
  • SQL Integration
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data Analysis Workflow
  • Web Scraping
  • NumPy


This comprehensive SQL course is specifically designed for data analysts seeking to unlock the full potential of SQL for data manipulation and analysis. SQL is a crucial tool for data professionals, enabling them to extract valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. Through a hands-on approach, this course will equip data analysts with the necessary skills to efficiently query databases, perform complex data transformations, and conduct advanced data analysis using SQL.

  • SQL Basics
  • Data Manipulation
  • Data Aggregation and Grouping
  • Data Joins and Relationships
  • Subqueries and Derived Tables
  • Data Cleaning and Preparation
  • Window Functions (Analytical Functions)
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Pivoting and Unpivoting Data
  • Data Visualization with SQL

Tableau/Power BI

This data visualization course offers a hands-on, analyst-focused approach to using Tableau and Power BI, two powerful and widely used data visualization tools. Data analysts play a crucial role in transforming raw data into meaningful insights, and this course aims to equip them with the skills to create impactful visualizations that facilitate data-driven decision-making. Participants will learn to extract, clean, and visualize data effectively, enabling them to communicate complex information visually and intuitively.

  • Data Connection and Data Source
  • Data Transformation and Data Modeling
  • Data Visualization Basics
  • Creating Basic Visualizations
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Advanced Visualizations
  • Calculated Fields and Expressions
  • Table Calculations
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions
Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Embrace the Data Revolution: Enroll in our Data Analytics Course Today!


1 Year 2 Months

Our data analyst course will last for 1 year and 2 months which will help you learn analytics tools and techniques, how to work with SQL databases, R and Python, how to create data visualizations, and apply statistics and predictive analytics in a business environment.

Develearn Feature

1 on 1 Sessions

Join us for an exclusive 1-on-1 session where you'll learn how to harness the full potential of data analytics tailored to your business needs.

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Real Time Projects

In this cutting-edge program, you'll dive headfirst into authentic datasets sourced from live business scenarios, allowing you to apply your knowledge in a practical and impactful way.

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Peer Learning

Discover the power of collaborative learning in data analytics with our peer learning program. Join a vibrant community of data enthusiasts, where knowledge is shared, skills are honed, and success is achieved collectively.

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Unlock the power of data and embark on a transformative journey into the world of data analytics with our comprehensive Data Analytics Masterclass. In this cutting-edge course, you will learn how to harness the potential of data to make informed decisions, solve complex problems, and gain valuable insights that drive business success.

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Data Analyst Certification Course in Mumbai

Develearn Certificate

Demonstration of Skills and Knowledge

  • Our Data Analysis Training Course in Mumbai stands out as one of the premier options in the data-driven era. Upon successful completion, you'll earn a recognized certification, validating your skills and opening doors to a world of opportunities. This certification carries significant weight in the job market, showcasing your proficiency in key data analysis concepts, tools, and methods.

Industry Recognition and Credibility

  • Our certification, coupled with placement assistance, provides a competitive edge in your job search or career advancement. It's highly esteemed by organizations and industry leaders, signifying your ability to tackle real-world data challenges and contribute meaningfully to data-driven decision-making across various industries.
  • Join our Data Analysis Training Course in Mumbai today and secure a prosperous and fulfilling career, whether you're aiming for a new job, promotion, or entrepreneurial venture.

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Data Analytics Course in Mumbai FAQs

Why should I learn data analytics from DeveLearn?

At DeveLearn, we offer a comprehensive data analytics program that combines theoretical knowledge with practical application. Our courses are designed to equip you with the skills and tools needed to excel in the field of data analytics. We provide hands-on experience, access to industry-standard software, and guidance from experienced instructors with real-world expertise. Our flexible online courses cater to various schedules, making learning accessible for both working professionals and students.

What are the different tools used for data analysis?

Data analysts use a variety of tools for data analysis, including popular software like Microsoft Excel, Python, R, SQL, Tableau, Power BI, and more. These tools are chosen based on the specific requirements of the analysis, data volume, and the preferences of the analyst.

Is data analytics a good career option?

Yes, data analytics is a promising and lucrative career option. With the increasing importance of data-driven decision-making in businesses across industries, the demand for data analysts continues to grow. Data analysts play a critical role in extracting valuable insights from data, aiding in strategic decision-making and problem-solving, making it a rewarding career choice.

What are the qualification requirements for the Data Analyst Course in Mumbai?

Typically, candidates are recommended to have a bachelor's degree, preferably in fields like mathematics, statistics, computer science, or related disciplines. A strong foundation in math and statistics, basic computer skills, analytical thinking, and an interest in working with data are important.

What tools and software will I learn during the Data Analyst Course?

Our course covers a range of industry-standard tools, including Excel, Tableau, MySQL, and Power BI, among others. You'll gain hands-on experience with these tools to become proficient in data analysis.

Will I receive a certification upon completion of the course?

Yes, upon successfully completing our Data Analyst Course, you will receive a recognized certification from DeveLearn Institute, which can greatly enhance your job prospects.

Does the course include placement assistance in Mumbai?

Yes, we offer placement assistance to help you secure job opportunities in Mumbai. Our network of hiring partners can help you kickstart your career in data analytics.

How is the course content updated to stay relevant in the field?

We regularly update our course content to keep it aligned with the latest industry trends and developments in data analytics. Our aim is to ensure that you're well-prepared for the ever-evolving data analytics landscape.

How do I enroll in the Data Analyst Course in Mumbai at DeveLearn Institute?

You can enroll by visiting our website, filling out the enrollment form, and contacting our admissions team for further guidance. We'll be happy to assist you through the enrollment process.

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