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Data Science

Data science is the study of data to extract meaningful insights for business. It is a multidisciplinary approach that combines principles and practices from the fields of mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, and computer engineering to analyze large amounts of data.

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Topics to be covered


Introduction to Data Science


Data Collection and Cleaning


Data Exploration and Visualization


Data Manipulation and Analysis


Machine Learning Basics


Supervised Learning Algorithms


Unsupervised Learning Algorithms


Model Selection and Evaluation


Natural Language Processing (NLP)


Time Series Analysis

Graphic Design Courses in Mumbai & Thane

DeveLearn, renowned as the top Graphic Design Institute in Mumbai, provides comprehensive Graphic Design courses in Mumbai & Thane. Our curriculum emphasizes fundamental design principles and elements, guiding students through the entire design process, from concept inception to the final execution. The program covers crucial theoretical concepts and offers hands-on training in advertising, graphic design, broadcast design, illustration, web design, photography, and more. With our expert faculty, students gain advanced knowledge and industry best practices, ensuring they receive top-tier education in graphic design.

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Graphic Design Institute in Mumbai & Thane

Graphic Designing Course in Mumbai & Thane caters to both freshers and professionals, offering a versatile learning experience. The course modules include comprehensive lectures on the latest graphic design tools, ensuring that students stay updated with industry trends. These lectures are conducted by certified trainers who bring their expertise to the classroom. We understand the importance of flexibility, which is why we offer both online and offline class timings to suit your schedule. As a part of our program, you'll have access to live projects, providing you with real-world experience. Join our course to elevate your graphic design skills and advance your career.


The CorelDRAW course is designed to equip students and professionals with essential graphic design skills using the powerful CorelDRAW software. Through hands-on training and practical exercises, participants will learn to create stunning visual content, including illustrations, logos, posters, brochures, and more. The course covers the fundamentals of vector graphics, layout design, typography, color theory, and image editing, enabling students to craft professional-grade designs for print and digital media. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced designer looking to enhance your skills, this course provides a comprehensive understanding of CorelDRAW's tools and features, empowering you to unleash your creativity and produce captivating visuals for various applications.

  • Vector Graphics
  • Shape Creation and Editing
  • Pages & Layout
  • Colour Management
  • Text Tool
  • Layers
  • Print and Digital Media
  • Export and file formats
  • Advanced effect
  • Practical Projects

Adobe Illustrator

Learn the art of vector graphics and design with our comprehensive Adobe Illustrator course. Discover the power of this industry-leading software as you master essential tools and techniques to create stunning illustrations, logos, and graphics. From basic shapes to complex compositions, our expert instructors will guide you through hands-on projects, helping you develop the skills to bring your creative visions to life. Whether you're a beginner or looking to level up your design prowess, this course will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to unleash your artistic potential using Adobe Illustrator.

  • Vector Graphics
  • Tools and Interface
  • Drawing and Editing
  • Pen Tool
  • Layers and Organization
  • Transformation and Effects
  • Building Shapes
  • Patterns and Brushes
  • 3D Effects
  • artboards

Adobe Photoshop

Explore the world of digital image editing with our Adobe Photoshop course. Acquire essential skills in utilizing tools, techniques, and workflows to elevate, manipulate, and produce captivating visuals. Embark on a creative journey through hands-on projects and expert guidance tailored for individuals at all levels of expertise. Perfectly suited for aspiring designers, photographers, and anyone passionate about excelling in visual storytelling and graphic design.

  • Raster Graphics
  • Pixels
  • Image Manipulation
  • Colorize
  • Retouching
  • Restoration
  • Filters and Effects
  • Image Correction
  • Selection Tools
  • Image Editing

Adobe Design

Discover the potential of graphic design and layout with our Adobe InDesign Course. Explore the full potential of this top-tier desktop publishing software on a comprehensive journey. With a focus on hands-on projects and expert guidance, you'll acquire the skills to craft captivating print and digital media layouts, design polished publications, expertly handle typography, manipulate images, and grasp fundamental design principles. An ideal choice for those aspiring to enhance their design skills, including graphic designers, marketers, and anyone seeking to elevate their creative abilities.

  • Layout Design
  • Working with Text & Images
  • Master Pages
  • Colour Management
  • Alignment
  • Interactive Elements
  • Print Preparation
  • Book and Magazine Layout
  • Digital Publishing
  • Grids
Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Unlock Your Creative Potential: Embark on a Transformative Graphic Design Journey Today!


1 Year 2 Months

Join our dynamic Graphic Designing course today and master the art of visual storytelling in just 1 year and 2 months.

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1 on 1 Sessions

Are you eager to take your graphic design skills to the next level? Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned designer looking to refine your craft, our personalized 1-on-1 sessions are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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If you are interested in pursuing a graphic designing course with a focus on ensuring placements then our highly skilled GD course is the right place for you.

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Industry Validation

Our certification programme for the graphic designing is industrially acclaimed making sure you receive high end knowledge on the subject.

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Our Graphic Design course is a comprehensive and hands-on program designed to unleash your creative potential and equip you with the essential skills to thrive in the dynamic world of visual communication. Whether you're an aspiring designer, a marketing professional, or someone with a passion for art and aesthetics, this course will empower you to bring your ideas to life through compelling and visually captivating designs.

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Graphic Design Certification Course in Mumbai

Develearn Certificate

Demonstration of Skills and Knowledge

  • Our Graphic Design certifications validate your expertise in various designing tools, techniques, and methodologies.
  • They provide tangible proof to employers, clients, or colleagues that you possess the necessary skills and knowledge to work effectively in the field.

Industry Recognition and Credibility

  • Certifications from our institute will add credibility to your profile.
  • It shows that you have been evaluated and endorsed by an established authority in the data science domain.

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    Graphic Design Courses in Mumbai Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

    What is the Salary of a full stack developer in Mumbai?

    In Mumbai, Maharashtra, a Full Stack Developer earns an average annual salary of Rs 6,60,916.

    What are the eligibility criteria for enrolling in a full stack development course?

    Develearn welcomes individuals to enroll in this course without any prerequisites. Whether you're a recent graduate, a newcomer to the field, or an experienced professional from a computer-related educational background with limited or no prior experience in an IT company, you are eligible to apply for this course.

    What are the different job roles that companies offer to Full Stack Developers in Mumbai?

    Some of the roles offered for Full Stack Developers in Mumbai: Full Stack Developer, MEAN Stack Developer ,Full Stack Software Developer

    How does DeveLearn ensure the success of its students in the job market?

    DeveLearn is committed to the success of its students in the job market. We provide industry-aligned training, career guidance, interview preparation, and networking opportunities to help students secure promising job opportunities in their respective fields.

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