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Ankita Nandanwar
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Develearn techlonogy's computer classes is amazing!. The instructors are knowledgeble. I'm recently studing DATA ANALYTICS I'm happier with the experience. I feel much more confident in my computer skills now. Highly recomended!!

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Develearn Technology's computer class is fantastic! The instructors are knowledgeable, the content is comprehensive, and the hands-on projects are engaging. I feel much more confident in my computer skills now. Highly recommend!!

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Dhruvi Khandhedia
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The students can learn Power point presentation, Word, Google sheets, Tally and many other Computer Based applications easily and swiftly with DeveLearn. The instructors explain each concept in detail and the course completion has an evaluation process in order to understand that how much one have learnt from it.

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Angel Dias
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It was a great experience. The course was very informative and it's going to help me a lot throughout my career. Thank you so much Sushma Ma'am for your time and efforts and for making the learning process easy and learner friendly.

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kamini patil
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I would highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to enhance their proficiency in this field .. Sarvesh sir is one of the best teacher of devlearn his teaching methodology is highly effective , always explain complex concepts in simple way , he is very kind person and helping nature . Extremely satisfied with Devlearn

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Data Science

Data science is the study of data to extract meaningful insights for business. It is a multidisciplinary approach that combines principles and practices from the fields of mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, and computer engineering to analyze large amounts of data.

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Topics to be covered


Introduction to Data Science


Data Collection and Cleaning


Data Exploration and Visualization


Data Manipulation and Analysis


Machine Learning Basics


Supervised Learning Algorithms


Unsupervised Learning Algorithms


Model Selection and Evaluation


Natural Language Processing (NLP)


Time Series Analysis

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Top 8 Data Science Courses in Mumbai 2024

Discover the top 8 Data Science courses in Mumbai for 2024, including key details about each program, eligibility criteria, curriculum highlights, and how they can accelerate your career in Data Science.

DeveLearn Technologies

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April 13, 2024

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Best 8 Data Science Courses in Mumbai

In Mumbai, there are many educational institutions and training centers are there where you can learn Data Science. These places have faculty who know a lot about technology and have been teaching for a long time. They also have good facilities and teach you using real projects, which helps you learn better.

Here are some good things about studying Data Science Courses in Mumbai:

  1. Internship and Jobs: Mumbai has lots of chances for internships and jobs in Data Science. Many big companies, new businesses, and research groups are in Mumbai, giving students real experience to start their careers.

  2. Many Uses: Data Science is used in finance, marketing, healthcare, and online shopping, among other areas. In Mumbai, students can learn how to use Data Science in different jobs.

  3. Good Pay and Opportunities: Data Scientists earn a lot globally, and Mumbai gives good salaries to skilled people in this field.

  4. Exciting Learning: Mumbai is a lively place that encourages new ideas, which helps students be creative in Data Science.

Eligibility for Data Science Course in Mumbai

Data science can be pursued through various qualifications based on your educational background:

  1. Bachelor's and Master's Courses: Science background students can opt for bachelor's and master's courses in data science after completing 12th grade. These programs provide in-depth knowledge and skills in data analysis, machine learning, and data visualization.

  2. Short-term or Diploma Courses: Graduates or postgraduates from any field, regardless of their background, can enroll in short-term or diploma courses in data science. These courses offer focused training in data analytics, statistical modeling, and programming languages used in data science.

Choose the Best Data Science Course in Mumbai 

Living in a fast-paced city like Mumbai means keeping up with technology upgrades. With rapid upgrades in tools, apps, and application software across platforms like Data Science, Python, and AI, professionals, learners, and business owners need to continually upgrade their skills to stay competitive.

Many top Data Science institutes in Mumbai offer Data Science courses, both offline and online. Choosing the right course depends on your needs, career goals, and how you like to learn.

Choosing the best Data Science course in Mumbai involves considering several key factors:

  1. Course Content: Look for a course that covers a wide range of topics like statistics, machine learning, data visualization, and programming in Python or R.

  2. Faculty: Check the teachers' qualifications, experience, and expertise in Data Science. Experienced teachers can give practical knowledge and valuable insights.

  3. Hands-on Learning: Make sure the course includes practical projects. For example, Henry Harvin offers live projects, internships, and help with finding placements.

  4. Flexibility: If you're working, consider courses with flexible schedules or online options.

  5. Reputation and Reviews: Read reviews from past students to see if the course is good quality and effective.

  6. Certification: A certificate from a respected institute adds value to your resume.

  7. Cost: Compare costs and think about what you'll get in return in terms of learning and career growth.

  8. Career Support: Check if the institute helps with placements or internships after the course.

Best 8 Data Science Courses in Mumbai

1. NMIMS Global Mumbai: Data Science Courses in Mumbai

NMIMS Global, also known as the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies Global, is a leading online and distance learning division of the Institute. Teaming up with its knowledge partner, INSOFE (International School of Engineering), it offers professional Data Science courses. These data science courses in Mumbai are designed to provide extensive Data Science knowledge, top-notch faculty, and resources, along with a modern learning platform. The curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of both working professionals and learners.

Here's a brief look at their Data Science courses:

  1. 6-month Professional Certificate in Data Science:

    • Covers basics of Python and R programming, business communication, statistical modeling, and visualization.

    • Suitable for building a strong foundation in Data Science.

  2. 12-month Professional Diploma in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Ops:

    • Detailed course with an industry-focused curriculum and hands-on experience.

    • Ideal for aspiring Data Science professionals interested in AI and ML operations.

  3. 24-month M.Sc. in AI and Machine Learning Ops:

    • A comprehensive program with in-depth industry knowledge and practical skills development.

    • Designed for future Data Science leaders looking for a deep understanding of AI and ML operations.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Bachelor's degree (B.Tech or equivalent) in Maths, Computer Science, Statistics, Economics with at least 50% marks.

  • Basic knowledge of Mathematics concepts like Linear Algebra, Calculus, etc.

  • Familiarity with basic programming concepts such as looping, iteration, functions, and branching.

  • Minimum 2 years of work experience.

Course Duration along with Course Fees

Data Science Course fees- INR  1,75,000-Rs. 6,00,000/-

Location- Maharashtra 

Website Link:

2. DeveLearn Institute - Data Science Course in Mumbai

Explore the ultimate Data Science course in Mumbai with placement assistance at DeveLearn. We are among the top Data Science institutes in Mumbai, offering a comprehensive program designed to prepare you for employment. Our curriculum strikes the perfect balance of simplicity and effectiveness, delivered by seasoned instructors committed to providing top-tier training. Whether you prefer online or offline learning for your Data Science course in Mumbai, our unwavering dedication to your success sets us apart. We continuously update our modules to incorporate the latest technologies and relevant topics, ensuring you receive cutting-edge skills and knowledge. Join DeveLearn today and start your journey towards a successful career in Data Science.

Here's an overview of Our Data Science Course in Mumbai:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum

  • Hands-On Projects

  • Access to Learning Resources

  • Expert Faculty

  • Industry-Relevant Skills

  • Placement opportunities

  • Certificate

Here are the main subjects covered in our Data Science Course in Mumbai:

  • Python Programming

  • Statistics

  • Machine Learning

  • Data Visualization

  • Big Data Technologies

  • SQL and Database Managemen

  • Project Work: Gain hands-on experience through real-world projects, enhancing practical skills and job readiness.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • No minimum criteria are required.

  • However, having a working knowledge of mathematics and some programming experience in any language will be beneficial for the course.

For more information visit - Data Science Course in Mumbai

3. SP Jain School of Global: Data Science Course in Mumbai

SP Jain School of Global in Mumbai provides an exceptional Bachelor of Data Science course, spanning three years as a full-time undergraduate program. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to equip graduates with the skills for fact-driven investigations, data visualizations, and advanced analytics. As a leading institute for data science training in Mumbai, the focus is on practical learning and real-world applications, ensuring students are well-prepared for success in the dynamic field of data science. 

Students can choose to study on-campus in Mumbai for the first year and then continue in Sydney, Australia for the remaining two years, or they can complete the entire course in Sydney.

The curriculum includes core subjects, ethics, and skills for employability. In the final year, students work on applied analytics projects to gain practical experience. After completing the course, graduates can work with data in various sectors like IT, marketing, banking, retail, and healthcare.

Key Features of the Course:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Students gain a deep understanding of data science, covering quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques.

  • International Exposure: Students have the option to study on-campus in Mumbai for the first year and then continue the course in Sydney, Australia for the remaining two years. Alternatively, they can complete the entire course in Sydney.

  • Applied Learning: The curriculum includes core subjects, ethics, employability skills, and culminates in applied analytics Capstone projects, providing actionable experience.

  • Career Readiness: Graduates are equipped to handle data in various sectors such as IT, marketing, production, banking and finance, retail, and healthcare.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum of 70% marks in 12th grade.

  • English language proficiency with an IELTS score of 6.

  • Entrance test options include SAT, ACT, SPJET, or JEE main.

  • Evaluation and interviews are conducted based on the exam scores.

For more detailed information, please visit the institute's website.

4. Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology: Data Science Course in Mumbai

Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology (RAIT) is a prominent Data Science Training Institute in Mumbai, located in Navi Mumbai, situated in the serene surroundings of DY Patil Deemed to be a University Campus. The institute offers a specialized focus on data science through its Engineering courses.

Key Features of the Course:

  • Distinct Specialization: The course focuses on mastering data science tools and techniques within the context of computer engineering.

  • Business Analyst Skills: Graduates are equipped with skills in data science and business analysis, preparing them for roles that require a blend of technical and business acumen.

  • Harvard Business School Online Certificate Courses: An interesting aspect of the course is the inclusion of Harvard Business School online certificate courses. These courses cover topics like business analytics, sustainable business strategy, and entrepreneurship essentials, providing students with additional credits and certificates from Harvard Business School.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students must have cleared the 12th.

5. SK Somaiya College: B.Sc in Data Science Course in Mumbai

Established in 2019, S K Somaiya College stands out with its state-of-the-art campus and top-notch learning infrastructure, offering a complete career transformation experience for aspiring Data Science professionals.

Their B. Sc in Data Science course is designed to provide high-quality education at affordable rates, making it accessible to everyone. A unique feature of this program is the internship opportunity in the final semester, allowing students to gain practical experience. The curriculum focuses on developing expertise in data science strategies and techniques, preparing students for successful careers in the field.

For those seeking a data science certification course in Mumbai, S K Somaiya College's B. Sc program offers an excellent option with its comprehensive curriculum and practical internship experience.

Key Features of the Course:

  1. Quality Education: The course offers quality education with a focus on gaining expertise in data science strategies and procedures.

  2. Internship Opportunity: Students have the chance to gain practical experience through an internship in the last semester, enhancing their job readiness.

  3. Affordable Rates: The course provides access to quality education at affordable rates, making it accessible to a wide range of students.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidates must have passed a 10+2 or equivalent exam in the commerce/science/arts stream.

  • If Mathematics is not included in the 12th grade curriculum, completion of a module on basics of Mathematics and Statistics during the course is mandatory.

6. Imarticus Learning: Data Science Course in Mumbai

Imarticus Learning is a best Data Science Institute in Mumbai, offering a comprehensive Postgraduate Program in Data Science and Analytics. This program is thoughtfully designed to meet the dynamic demands of the industry, providing students with the skills necessary to excel in the modern data landscape.

The curriculum includes SQL application, Python, Machine Learning, and Data Visualization with Tableau, making it suitable for both freshers and working professionals looking to advance their careers. 

Imarticus Learning collaborates with over 150 academic mentors and 350 industry professionals, ensuring that students receive practical, real-world knowledge and experience. 

Whether you're starting your career or switching to data science, Imarticus Learning's Data Science course in Mumbai opens doors to many opportunities in this growing field.

Key Features of the Data Science Prodegree:

  • Industry Collaboration: Collaborating with KPMG India, Imarticus offers a Data Science Prodegree designed by industry practitioners to impart practical skills and knowledge.

  • Cutting-Edge Curriculum: The Prodegree includes a cutting-edge curriculum covering Data Science concepts, model building for business insights, and predictions.

  • Real Business Projects: Students work on real business Capstone Projects to apply their learning in practical scenarios.

  • Mentor Guidance: Learners receive mentor guidance throughout the program for a supportive learning experience.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Graduation from any field is required to enroll in the Data Science Prodegree.

7. AnalytixLabs

Analytix Labs offers the best Online & Offline Data Science Course in Mumbai, with a partnership with IBM to design this course. This course provides two certifications and is relevant to the business world.

You can choose from three learning approaches: Classroom, online, and self-paced studying. Analytix Labs provides the best Data Science courses in Mumbai with placement assistance, helping students build their profiles and prepare for interviews.

The course covers the Building blocks of data science, Data Visualization and Analytics using Excel, SQL, and Tableau, as well as R and Python for data science.

Program Objectives:

  • Covering fundamental concepts and building blocks of data science.

  • Training in data visualization and analytics techniques.

  • Hands-on learning with R and Python for data science.

  • Introduction to predictive modeling and machine learning algorithms.

  • Exploration of text mining and natural language processing (NLP) technologies.

  • Insights into artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing applications.

  • Industry-specific sessions to understand real-world applications.

Program Structure:

  • Duration: 3 months online program.

  • Sessions: Conducted on Saturdays and Sundays, each session lasting 3 hours.

AnalytixLabs' Data Science 360 program is designed to equip students with comprehensive skills and practical experience in data science and analytics, preparing them for industry roles.

8. Skillslash: Data Science Institute in Mumbai

Skillslash is a distinguished institute in Mumbai, offering an Advanced Data Science Course tailored for professionals aiming to deepen their expertise in the field. The course covers a wide range of topics from basic programming in Python to advanced machine learning, NLP, deep learning, and data science tools like Power BI. Skillslash stands out with its Live Project-Based Learning approach, supported by partnerships with tech companies, providing students with real-world experience and practical knowledge application.

The program also boasts dual certification, including a Microsoft certification, which adds significant value to the learner’s professional credentials. With a focus on real work experience and guaranteed job referrals, Skillslash ensures that its graduates are not only well-versed in data science theory but are also prepared to tackle real-world problems and excel in their careers.

For those seeking data science certification courses in Mumbai, Skillslash offers an exceptional program with comprehensive content and practical learning experiences.

Course Highlights:

  • Designed for working professionals without prior coding experience.

  • Total duration: 9 months.

  • Guaranteed placement referrals for students.

  • Offers real work experience during the course.

Data Science Course Fees: INR 59,000 (excluding GST)

Skillslash provides a comprehensive and practical learning experience in Data Science and AI, making it a valuable option for professionals looking to enhance their skills and career prospects.

Why Data Science? 

Data Science has evolved into an essential aspect of modern life, shaping how businesses operate and make informed decisions. At its core, Data Science involves the comprehensive study of data, encompassing processes such as data extraction, analysis, visualization, management, and storage. Through these processes, businesses can derive valuable insights that drive strategic decisions and actions. 

One of the key benefits of Data Science is its ability to improve customer satisfaction by analyzing customer data to understand preferences, trends, and behavior. This knowledge enables companies to enhance their products and services, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Data Science is inherently interdisciplinary, drawing from fields such as Statistics, mathematics, and computer science. Statistics provides the analytical tools to extract meaningful insights from data, while mathematics lays the foundation for developing algorithms and models. Computer science plays a crucial role in data handling, processing large datasets, and developing applications that leverage these insights effectively. The synergy of these disciplines in Data Science empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of their data, driving innovation, growth, and competitive advantage in today's data-centric environment.

What does a Data Scientist do?

Data Science plays a pivotal role in modern business strategy, offering several ways in which a Data Scientist can add significant value:

Empowering Decision-Making:

An experienced data scientist plays a crucial role in empowering management and officers to make better decisions. They act as trusted advisors and strategic partners to the organization's upper management by maximizing analytics capabilities. This includes communicating and demonstrating the value of data to facilitate improved decision-making processes across the entire organization. They achieve this by measuring, tracking, and recording performance metrics and other relevant information, ensuring that data-driven insights drive strategic decisions.

Actionable Insights:

A data scientist plays a vital role in directing actions based on trends, which in turn helps to define goals for an organization. By examining and exploring the organization's data, data scientists can recommend and prescribe specific actions that improve performance, enhance customer engagement, and ultimately increase profitability. Their insights and recommendations are based on data-driven analysis of trends, allowing organizations to make informed decisions aligned with their strategic goals.

Best Practice Adoption:

A key responsibility of a data scientist is to challenge staff to adopt best practices and focus on critical issues. They ensure that the staff is familiar with the organization's analytics product, preparing them for success by demonstrating effective use of the system to extract insights and drive action. Once the staff understands the product capabilities, they can shift their focus to addressing key business challenges, thereby maximizing the impact of data-driven strategies.

Opportunity Identification:

Data scientists play a critical role in identifying opportunities within an organization's data. They achieve this by questioning existing processes and assumptions, which leads to the development of additional methods and analytical algorithms. Their job is to continuously improve the value derived from the organization's data by exploring new avenues, discovering insights, and optimizing data-driven strategies for better outcomes. This iterative process of questioning, exploring, and improving allows data scientists to uncover hidden opportunities and drive innovation within the organization.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

Data scientists play a crucial role in decision-making by providing quantifiable, data-driven evidence. With their expertise, data gathering and analysis from various channels become more efficient, reducing the need for high-stakes risks. They create models using existing data to simulate potential actions, helping organizations understand which path will lead to the best business outcomes. This data-driven approach ensures that decisions are based on solid evidence, leading to more informed and effective strategies.

Why Join DeveLearn’s Data Science Course in Mumbai?

Joining DeveLearn's Data Science Course in Mumbai offers several compelling reasons:

  1. Highly Engaging Instructor-Led Online Sessions: Our courses are designed to keep you engaged and motivated, with interactive sessions led by experienced instructors.

  2. Learn directly from Global Industry Experts: Gain insights and knowledge from industry experts with extensive experience in data science and analytics.

  3. Active Support through Q/A Forum: Get your questions answered and engage with peers through our dedicated Q&A forum, ensuring a supportive learning environment.

  4. Industry Relevant & Updated Course Curriculum: Our curriculum is continuously updated to align with the latest industry trends and demands, ensuring that you learn relevant and practical skills.

  5. 100% Interview Support: We provide comprehensive support to help you prepare for interviews, including mock interviews, resume building, and interview tips.

  6. Online & Offline Training: Choose between online and offline training options based on your preferences and convenience, allowing you to learn in a way that suits your lifestyle.


Data Science has become important part across various industries, leading to a surge in demand for skilled Data Scientists. The role of Data Science and Data Scientists brings numerous advantages to businesses:

  • Enabling management and officers to make informed decisions

  • Guiding actions based on data-driven trends

  • Encouraging adoption of best practices among staff

  • Prioritizing crucial issues

  • Uncovering potential opportunities

  • Implementing decisions backed by quantifiable evidence

  • Refining target audience identification and engagement strategies

  • Facilitating effective talent recruitment

For a comprehensive understanding of Data Science and to become proficient in this sought-after field, consider enrolling in DeveLearn's Data Science Course in Mumbai. Take this opportunity to excel in a career that's in high demand and wish you all the success!