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Ankita Nandanwar
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Develearn techlonogy's computer classes is amazing!. The instructors are knowledgeble. I'm recently studing DATA ANALYTICS I'm happier with the experience. I feel much more confident in my computer skills now. Highly recomended!!

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Develearn Technology's computer class is fantastic! The instructors are knowledgeable, the content is comprehensive, and the hands-on projects are engaging. I feel much more confident in my computer skills now. Highly recommend!!

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Dhruvi Khandhedia
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The students can learn Power point presentation, Word, Google sheets, Tally and many other Computer Based applications easily and swiftly with DeveLearn. The instructors explain each concept in detail and the course completion has an evaluation process in order to understand that how much one have learnt from it.

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Angel Dias
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It was a great experience. The course was very informative and it's going to help me a lot throughout my career. Thank you so much Sushma Ma'am for your time and efforts and for making the learning process easy and learner friendly.

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kamini patil
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I would highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to enhance their proficiency in this field .. Sarvesh sir is one of the best teacher of devlearn his teaching methodology is highly effective , always explain complex concepts in simple way , he is very kind person and helping nature . Extremely satisfied with Devlearn

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Data Science

Data science is the study of data to extract meaningful insights for business. It is a multidisciplinary approach that combines principles and practices from the fields of mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, and computer engineering to analyze large amounts of data.

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Topics to be covered


Introduction to Data Science


Data Collection and Cleaning


Data Exploration and Visualization


Data Manipulation and Analysis


Machine Learning Basics


Supervised Learning Algorithms


Unsupervised Learning Algorithms


Model Selection and Evaluation


Natural Language Processing (NLP)


Time Series Analysis

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Top 8 Data Analyst Courses In Thane With Practical Training

Discover the top 8 Data Analyst courses in Thane that offer practical training for aspiring professionals. Gain hands-on experience, industry-relevant skills, and career advancement opportunities in the field of data analysis.

DeveLearn Technologies

30 minutes

May 3, 2024

Top 8 Data Analyst Courses In Thane With Practical Training

Top 8 Data Analyst Courses In Thane With Practical Training

In today's world, analytics is not just the way of the future; it's the way of the present. Industries across the board, from airline route planning to manufacturing plant maintenance, rely on analytics for critical insights and decision-making. Even traditionally non-tech sectors like retail are leveraging analytics to enhance customer loyalty and personalize offerings. With the increasing adoption of analytics, possessing data skills has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

If you're looking to enhance your data analytics skills, Thane offers top-notch courses with practical training. Here's a curated list of the top 8 institutes offering data analyst courses in Thane:

Before we jump into our list of top data analytics courses in Thane, let's first explore what data analytics is and why it's crucial in today's business environment.

What is Data Analysis?

Data analysis involves navigating through large volumes of unstructured data to extract crucial insights that can aid organizations in making informed decisions. These insights are valuable across firms of all sizes.

It's important to differentiate between data analysis and data science. While they share similarities, data science involves more advanced tasks such as programming and developing new algorithms.

In data analysis, raw data is collected and transformed into actionable information that consumers can utilize for decision-making purposes. This process involves answering questions, testing hypotheses, and sometimes refuting concepts based on the analyzed data.

As the volume of data continues to grow, the role of a data analyst has become increasingly prominent. However, becoming a proficient data analyst requires specific steps and a set of essential skills tailored for data analysis tasks.

Reasons for Learning Data Analytics

Enhancing Your Problem-solving Skills

Data analytics revolves around problem-solving. The challenges it addresses often have far-reaching implications, impacting entire organizations along with their employees and customers. The ability to think analytically and tackle problems effectively is a skill that proves invaluable not just in professional contexts but also in daily life.

High Demand for Data Analysts

Understanding data analytics offers a clear advantage in today's job market, especially for students in higher education. Data analysts are in high demand, driven by the increasing adoption of big data across industries. As this trend continues, the scarcity of skilled professionals will further elevate the value of data analysts. Graduates with analytics expertise can expect higher salaries and a competitive edge in securing employment opportunities.

Data Analytics Opportunities Everywhere

The demand for data analytics isn't just about financial benefits; it opens up a world of opportunities for skilled graduates. The big data boom has created diverse options for talented individuals, spanning industries like aviation, government, and beyond. These opportunities may even involve global travel.

As organizations across sectors increasingly rely on data to improve their operations, now is an excellent time to pursue a career in analytics.

Growing Importance of Data Analytics

The world of analytics is experiencing significant growth, driven by the vast amount of data available today. This abundance presents unprecedented opportunities to extract valuable insights. Consequently, the role of data analysts is becoming increasingly valuable, leading to a surge in job opportunities and avenues for career progression.

Now is an opportune moment to delve into big data analytics. Many education experts advocate for introducing data analytics into secondary schools and higher education institutions due to its paramount importance in today's data-driven world.

Diverse Skill Set in Data Analytics

Working as an analytics specialist encompasses more than just data manipulation and problem-solving. While these skills are crucial, data analysts also need to effectively communicate complex information to non-technical audiences. Strong communication skills are invaluable in any profession, and in the realm of analytics, they play a pivotal role as analysts are integral to organizational decision-making processes. Moreover, analytics professionals often develop strong leadership qualities, further enhancing their value within an organization.

List of Institutes in Thane That Provide Data Analyst Courses


DeveLearn, a prominent institute in Thane, offers comprehensive data analytics courses designed to provide students with practical skills and industry-relevant knowledge. Our curriculum focuses on hands-on training, data visualization techniques, and statistical analysis methods, ensuring students develop a strong foundation in data analytics. With experienced faculty and modern learning resources, we provides an ideal environment for aspiring data analysts to thrive and excel in the dynamic field of data analytics. Data Analyst course in Thane are available in both online and classroom formats for your convenience. 

Our Course Curriculum:

Advanced Excel

The Advanced Excel course focuses on teaching advanced formulas, functions, data visualization, Pivot tables, and charts. It aims to enhance Excel skills for improved data handling and analysis in professional roles.

  • Data Cleaning and Preparation

  • Formulas and Functions

  • Pivot tables and Pivot charts

  • Data Analysis Tools

  • Power Query

  • Data Analysis and Power Pivot

  • Advanced Charting and Visualization

  • Macros and VBA

  • Data Annalysis with What If Analysis

  • Reporting and Dashboards


This Python course is designed specifically for data analysts to harness Python's capabilities in data manipulation, exploration, visualization, and analysis. It equips learners with essential skills and libraries necessary for data-driven decision-making.

  • Python Programming Language

  • Data Manipulation Libraries

  • Data Visualization Libraries

  • Jupyter Notebooks

  • Data Cleaning and Preprocessing

  • SQL Integration

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Data Analysis Workflow

  • Web Scraping

  • NumPy


The SQL course provides a thorough understanding of SQL, a foundational skill for managing data and querying relational databases. It serves as an excellent starting point for beginners, enabling them to extract valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. Through hands-on learning, this course equips data analysts with the skills to efficiently query databases, perform complex data transformations, and conduct advanced data analysis using SQL.

  • SQL Basics

  • Data Manipulation

  • Data Aggregation and Grouping

  • Data Joins and Relationships

  • Subqueries and Derived Tables

  • Data Cleaning and Preparation

  • Window Functions (Analytical Functions)

  • Time Series Analysis

  • Pivoting and Unpivoting Data

  • Data Visualization with SQL

Tableau/Power BI

Tableau/Power BI course focuses on teaching users how to utilize Tableau and Power BI effectively. It covers creating interactive dashboards, charts, and reports to enhance data storytelling skills.

  • Data Connection and Data Source

  • Data Transformation and Data Modeling

  • Data Visualization Basics

  • Creating Basic Visualizations

  • Interactive Dashboards

  • Advanced Visualizations

  • Calculated Fields and Expressions

  • Table Calculations

  • Time Series Analysis

  • Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions

Course Details

Data Analytics Tools Covered: 

  • Power BI 

  • SQL 

  • Python 

  • Tableau Excel

Why Choose DeveLearn for Data Analytics Course in Thane?

🌟 Industry-Expert Instructors: Learn from seasoned professionals with hands-on experience, gaining valuable real-world insights.

📊 Cutting-Edge Curriculum: Stay updated with the latest tools and techniques in data analytics, ensuring readiness for the evolving industry.

💼 Practical Projects: Apply knowledge through hands-on projects reflecting real industry scenarios, boosting confidence and skills.

🌐 Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse group of learners, alumni, and industry leaders, expanding professional networks.

🔒 Seamless Career Transformation: DeveLearn offers top Data Analytics Course in Thane with Placement Assistance, facilitating a smooth entry into the dynamic analytics field.

📈 Proven Success: Benefit from a track record of successful graduates securing roles at leading companies, leveraging their data analytics expertise.

IMS Proschool

IMS Proschool has consistently ranked among the top 10 Analytics Training Institutes in Thane for the past five years, according to Analytics India Magazine. Their NSE Academy-certified business analytics course focuses on employment-oriented training, preparing students and professionals for roles like business analysts, data analysts, data architects, and data scientists.

Located near Thane station in Naupada, IMS Proschool has trained over 10,000 students and working professionals in analytics courses. They offer business analytics certification programs on weekdays and weekends, catering to both full-time and part-time learners. Additionally, IMS Proschool provides online training options for those who prefer remote learning.

Course Features:

Classroom Option:

  • 15-week program (weekends)

  • Taught by Industry Professionals

  • Includes 18 case studies

  • Study materials available online

  • Innovative hands-on learning approach

  • Video lectures

Online Option:

  • 15-week Live and interactive business analytics training program

  • Audio-Video compatibility

  • Learn from industry experts at a low fee

  • Direct interaction with specialists to clarify doubts

  • Access recordings of sessions for future reference

  • Interact with peers during the learning process


ACTE's Data Analytics Course in Thane offers important skills like Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Modeling, Business Analytics, k-means clustering, and R programming. Qualified specialists guide the training. The course is designed to meet industry needs, and students can choose different tracks to boost their Data Analytics careers. ACTE offers this training in over 27 locations with experienced teachers.

Course Features:

  • Course Duration: 40 Hours

  • Taught by Industry Experts for Job-Oriented Training

  • Try a Free Demo Class

  • Get Guidance for Certification

  • Classes for Beginners and Advanced Learners

  • Learn by Doing Real-Life Projects

  • Taught by a Data Analytics Expert with Over 13 Years of Experience

  • Practice with Real Tasks to Learn Effectively

  • Learn Tips for Data Analytics Interviews

  • Access Study Materials and More for Life

Course Learnings

  • Gain in-depth understanding of the intersection between computer technology and business

  • Graduates equipped to tackle complex information-driven corporate challenges

  • Master data analysis using Excel, SQL, Python, and other advanced tools

  • Develop skills in records management, optimization, and predictive modeling

  • Curriculum crafted in collaboration with IBM for data analytics specialization

  • Learn analytics tools, SQL database management, R and Python programming

  • Create impactful data visualizations and apply data analytics in business contexts

  • Partnership with IIT Madras and ACTE for comprehensive Data Analytics education


360DigiTMG is renowned for its top Data Analytics certification courses in Thane, focusing on essential data processing tools like Excel, SQL/NoSQL, and data visualization platforms such as Tableau and PowerBI. The curriculum covers data preparation, cleansing, and exploratory analysis, incorporating real-life examples for structured (RDBMS) and unstructured (Big Data) data mining. Advanced Excel skills are also emphasized for improved data proficiency and efficiency.

Course Features:

  • Extensive assignments exceeding 80 hours

  • Comprehensive placement assistance

  • Access to free webinars

  • Personalized LinkedIn and resume review sessions

  • Lifetime access to the Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Round-the-clock support

  • Hands-on experience through real-life projects

Course Learnings:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of strategies for handling large datasets through Data Analytics.

  • Evaluate applications used for storing and analyzing massive volumes of data.

  • Learn to analyze structured and unstructured data and create visual storytelling using Tableau and/or PowerBI.

  • Perfect for professionals seeking an in-depth understanding of common data frameworks.

  • Covers key technologies like SQL, NoSQL, Tableau, PowerBI, and Advanced Excel concepts.

  • Learn to store, retrieve, manipulate, and analyze big datasets in relational or document-based database systems.

  • Understand concepts for representing data on the serving layer for easily digestible visual representations.

  • Applied case studies teach how to handle complex business problems and improve profitability in organizations.


LivetechINDIA stands out among institutes offering Data Analytics courses in Thane by providing 100% practical training and placement opportunities. Their certificate course features a project-based curriculum, teaching concepts through real-time applications on projects and case studies.

This approach to learning is inclusive, welcoming graduates from both technical and non-technical backgrounds. By the course's end, participants can become proficient in Data Analytics and the associated tools, regardless of their prior expertise.

Course Highlights from LivetechINDIA:

  • Internationally recognized certification

  • 100% practical training with real projects

  • Training provided by an ISO 9001:2008 certified institute

  • Small batches for personalized and effective learning experience

  • Placement Support


The course structure focuses on hands-on learning through real projects and case studies. It covers a range of topics in Data Analytics, providing training in both concepts and tools used for data analysis techniques. Here are the key areas covered in the course:

  • Excel: Basic to Advanced level training

  • Python Programming Fundamentals

  • Data Analysis using Python

  • Data Visualization using Tableau

  • SQL for data management and querying

Tools Covered:

  • Excel

  • SQL

  • Python

  • Tableau

iFuture Technologies

With over 15 years of dedicated experience in IT training, iFuture Technologies stands as a trusted and expert provider of Data Analytics Training & Certification in Thane and Kalyan. Our commitment to delivering top-tier education and cultivating highly skilled professionals has made us the go-to destination for aspiring data analysts in the region.

iFuture Data Analyst Course goes beyond traditional programs, offering a transformative experience that provides you with essential skills and knowledge for excelling in the dynamic field of data analytics. Whether you're starting your journey in data analysis or looking to enhance your existing skills, our tailored curriculum provides the perfect balance of theory and hands-on experience.

Course Features:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum

  • Expert Instructors

  • Hands-on Learning

  • Globally Recognized Certification

  • Placement Support

Learning 360 Academy

Learning 360 Academy offers a comprehensive Data Analyst Course in Thane, providing students with practical skills and industry knowledge. With a focus on hands-on learning and real-world applications, our program equips you with essential tools like Excel, SQL, Python, and Tableau. Taught by experienced professionals, our course ensures that you gain the expertise needed to succeed in the data analytics field. Whether you're new to data analysis or looking to advance your career, our tailored curriculum and interactive learning approach make Learning 360 Academy the ideal choice for mastering data analytics in Thane.

Course Features:

  • Leading faculty & industry experts

  • Placement Support

  • Assignments & Live sessions

  • Practical industry projects


  • Introduction to Python

  • Data Structures

  • Database connectivity using python

  • Data Visualization

  • Clustering

  • SQL

  • Tableau


The Data Analyst Certification Course by QuickXpert caters to both newcomers and seasoned professionals across various industries, aiming to transition into the role of Data Analysts. This comprehensive course offers a holistic learning experience in data analysis, covering database management, core programming in Python, and advanced data visualization tools including Excel. By providing students with these essential skills, the course transforms them into proficient Data Analytics Experts, giving them a competitive edge in the job market.

Highlights of the Data Analyst Certification Course by QuickXpert:

  • Certified Quality: ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures the highest standards of training.

  • Practical Learning: 80% of the course focuses on hands-on application of concepts.

  • Personalized Attention: Small batch sizes allow for individualized guidance and support.

  • Industry Expertise: Training is provided by experienced professionals from the Analytics industry, ensuring a rich learning experience.


Our Data Analytics course is structured to provide extensive hands-on experience and deep understanding of key concepts. Through a blend of theory and practical assignments, students learn:

  • Probability and Statistics fundamentals

  • Excel Analytics from basic to advanced levels

  • Database querying using Oracle SQL or MySQL

  • Comprehensive programming in Python, covering basic to advanced topics

  • Data Visualization techniques using Tableau and PowerBI

Tools Covered:

Students will gain proficiency in essential tools for data analysis, including:

  • Excel for data manipulation and analysis

  • Python for programming and data processing tasks

  • Oracle SQL or MySQL for database querying and management

  • PowerBI and Tableau for data visualization and reporting