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Data Science

Data science is the study of data to extract meaningful insights for business. It is a multidisciplinary approach that combines principles and practices from the fields of mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, and computer engineering to analyze large amounts of data.

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Topics to be covered


Introduction to Data Science


Data Collection and Cleaning


Data Exploration and Visualization


Data Manipulation and Analysis


Machine Learning Basics


Supervised Learning Algorithms


Unsupervised Learning Algorithms


Model Selection and Evaluation


Natural Language Processing (NLP)


Time Series Analysis

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Full Stack Development Training in Mumbai

Full Stack Developer Training Institute in Mumbai! Our comprehensive Full Stack Development Course caters to both online and offline formats. Enroll now!

DeveLearn Technologies

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March 1, 2024

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DeveLearn India is your destination for Full Stack Development Training in Mumbai, Thane, and Navi Mumbai, offering comprehensive programs with Placement Assistance. Our courses cover both fundamental principles and advanced topics, empowering you to become a proficient full-stack developer skilled in various development disciplines.

Full-stack developers are in high demand, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Upon completing our Full Stack Development Course in Mumbai, Thane at affordable fees, you will be well-prepared to meet industry needs and start a rewarding career.

Top Reasons to Choose a Career in Full Stack Development

Entering the world of Full Stack Development presents a wealth of opportunities and exciting prospects in the ever-evolving digital domain. Here are compelling reasons to consider a career in Full Stack Development:

  1. High Demand and Growth Potential

  2. Lucrative Remuneration

  3. Full Stack Developers are pioneers in agile development practices, particularly in web development. This agile approach allows flexibility, adaptability, and a quicker response to changing project requirements.

  4. Full Stack Development extends to creating multiplatform enterprise applications involving web designing. This diversity ensures a varied and engaging work environment.

  5. The Full Stack Development community offers strong support and valuable training resources. Being part of this community provides opportunities for continuous learning and skill enhancement.

  6. Pursuing a career in Full Stack Development not only offers financial rewards but also opens doors to a competitive and prosperous professional journey.

Benefits of Full Stack Developer Course

Learning Full Stack Developer offers several benefits, making it a valuable skill to acquire:

1. High Demand and Job Opportunities:

  • Full Stack Developers are in high demand globally. Companies seek professionals who can handle both front-end and back-end development.

  • Job opportunities include roles like web developers, software engineers, and system architects.

2. Versatility and Flexibility:

  • Full Stack developers can work on various projects, from web applications to mobile apps and even desktop software.

  • They have the flexibility to switch between different technologies and adapt to changing requirements.

3. Holistic Understanding:

  • Full Stack Developers understand the entire software development process, from design to deployment.

  • They bridge the gap between front-end and back-end teams, leading to better collaboration.

4. Higher Earning Potential:

  • Skilled Full Stack Developers command competitive salaries. In the United States, the average annual pay is around $109,791.

  • Their ability to handle end-to-end development adds value to organizations.

5. Reduced Dependencies:

  • Full Stack Developers can work independently or in small teams. They don’t rely heavily on specialized roles.

  • This independence streamlines development and speeds up project delivery.

6. Adaptability to Trends:

  • Full Stack Developers stay updated with industry trends. They can quickly adopt new tools, frameworks, and languages.

  • This adaptability ensures their skills remain relevant over time.

7. Complete Ownership:

  • Full Stack Developers can build entire applications from scratch.

  • They have a holistic view of the project, which allows them to make informed decisions.

Why Choose DeveLearn for Full Stack Developer Course in Mumbai?

Here are some compelling reasons to choose DeveLearn Institute for your Full Stack Developer Course in Mumbai:

🌟 Expert Faculty and Industry Professionals:

  • Our instructors are seasoned professionals with extensive industry experience.

  • Learn from experts who have practical insights and can guide you effectively.

📊 Cutting-Edge Curriculum:

  • Our curriculum is meticulously designed to cover the latest trends and technologies.

  • Stay ahead of the curve with up-to-date content that aligns with industry demands.

💼 Personalized Learning Experience:

  • We believe in personalized attention. Our small batch sizes ensure individual focus.

  • Get one-on-one mentoring and support to grasp complex concepts thoroughly.

🌐 Industry Connections:

  • DeveLearn has strong ties with companies in Mumbai’s tech ecosystem.

  • Benefit from our placement support, resume building, and interview preparation.

🔒 Job-Ready Skills:

  • Our course equips you with the skills needed to excel in the job market.

  • From front-end development to back-end architecture, we cover it all.

Full Stack Developer Course Key Highlights

  • Comprehensive Curriculum 

  • Responsive Design 

  • Server Side Developments 

  • Full Stack Framework

  • API Development Global Certifications No Cost EMI option

  • Job Placement Support

Programming Languages & Tools Covered in Full Stack Web Development Course


  • JavaScript, jQuery

  • Node.js, Meteor.js, Angular

  • PHP, Ruby on Rails

  • MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

  • CouchDB, Apache Cassandra

Full Stack Developer Curriculum

Welcome to DeveLearn Institute, a prominent Full Stack Developer Training Institute in Mumbai! Our comprehensive Full Stack Development Course in Mumbai and Thane caters to both online and offline formats. This course is thoughtfully designed to provide aspiring developers with essential skills for success in the dynamic tech industry. Supported by placement assistance, our program ensures you not only understand theories but also gain practical experience through real projects. Join us and get ready for a successful journey in the exciting field of technology!

1. Web Designing

The Web Designing Fundamentals course offers a comprehensive understanding of web development technologies, preparing students for both beginners and entrepreneurs to create interactive websites.

  • HTML 5

  • Layout

  • Colour Scheme

  • Typography

  • Images

  • Navigation & Buttons

  • Forms & Icons

  • Whitespace

  • Responsive Design

2. React JS 

The React Fundamentals course provides an in-depth introduction to the popular JavaScript library for creating interactive online apps, equipping students with industry standards, tools, and fundamental ideas for creating dynamic user interfaces.

  • Introduction to React

  • Setting Up the Development Environment

  • JSX (JavaScript XML)

  • Components

  • Handling Events

  • Conditional Rendering

  • Lists and Keys

  • Forms and Controlled Components

  • Lifting State Up

  • Component Lifecycle

3. Node JS Course

The Node.js Fundamentals course offers a comprehensive introduction to Node.js, a server-side runtime environment for building scalable web applications, focusing on core concepts, best practices, and tools.

  • Introduction to Node.js

  • Node.js Basics

  • Modules and NPM

  • Asynchronous Programming

  • Express.js

  • Working with Data

  • RESTful APIs:

  • WebSocket Communication

  • Testing

  • Security

4. SQL course

The SQL for Full-Stack Developers course provides a comprehensive understanding of SQL from a full-stack development perspective, equipping students with skills for database interaction, data manipulation, and building data-driven applications.

  • Introduction to Databases

  • Introduction to SQL

  • Data Types

  • Creating and Modifying Tables

  • Querying Data

  • Advanced Queries

  • Filtering and Sorting Results

  • Data Manipulation

  • Indexes and Constraints

  • Views and Subqueries

How to Enroll in a Full Stack Developer Course?

  1. Visit Our Website: Explore our Full Stack Development Course details, curriculum, and the unique features that set DeveLearn Institute apart.

  2. Contact Our Team: Have questions or need more information? Get in touch with our knowledgeable team, who will guide you through the enrollment process.

  3. Secure Your Spot: Enroll in our Full Stack Development Course to secure your spot in a program that will shape your career in the tech industry.

  4. Begin Your Learning Journey: Once enrolled, access our online learning platform, engage with instructors, and start your journey toward becoming a proficient Full Stack Developer.

Why Wait? Enroll Today and Unleash Your Full Stack Potential!

Don't miss the opportunity to acquire in-demand skills and set yourself on a path to a rewarding career. Join DeveLearn Institute for an immersive Full Stack Development Course that combines expertise, practical learning, and placement support. Enroll today and take the first step towards becoming a successful Full Stack Developer!